“The Be Kind to Mind workshop is so relatable and delivered with precision. It doesn't only offer a fresh perspective on work/ life and the balance we all desperately seek, but new and adapted ways of thinking and challenging our own mindset.

I use the tools now to me to help make decisions and not get caught up in the high stress of our industry. In the short time the workshop was delivered, I relearned more about myself than any professional help I have had in the past and paid a lot of money for. The best money I have spent in a long time. Thank you Merly.”

Christopher Shields

General Manager, Tom’s Kitchen


“A fascinating and refreshingly genuine session backed by science and personal experience. Showcasing helpful tools such as knowledge and easy practises one can do anywhere, in order to help balance and structure our hectic lifestyles /careers in this glorious yet physically and mentally demanding industry. I’ve never breathed so good!”

Fabiano Latham

Brand Ambassador - Reyka Vodka, William Grant & Sons


“Merly has delivered her Be Kind To Mind class to our employees twice so far and we will definitely use her again! The class is so informative and interesting but also totally relaxed.

It's so great to see mental health, wellbeing and stress being discussed more and more in our industry and Merly's classes are a brilliant way to introduce more self awareness and self care to your teams. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Prue Stamp

Head of People, Urban Leisure Group


“It was so refreshing to be able to talk openly about an issue which affects so many in the industry.

The Be Kind to Mind workshop boldly tackles a problem that is too often swept under the carpet in hospitality, written off as ‘part of the job’ thanks to high pressure services and long, unsociable hours. Merly is a wonderful guide through this process, inspiring new coping methods and allowing a platform of discussion that has the power to revolutionise the industry we call home.”

India Martin

Head of Reservations, Caravan Restaurants


“Be Kind to Mind is a great training session that everyone in hospitality should experience. It will give you an understanding of how stress affects your mind and body, but most importantly it will give you tools to improve and support yourself in the best way.

If feeling stressed yourself or if you want to understand how to read the signals of stressed team members and you would like to offer support , this training is a great resource.

Merly is knowledgable and really understands the challenges of hospitality. Highly recommend it.”

Camille Vidal

Founder of La Maison Wellness


“Thorougly excellent session with Merly. Highly recommended for anyone else who cares about the wellbeing of their team”.

Ben Mulock

Executive Chef, Urban Leisure Group