Me, Myself in Mind provides classes for business or individuals, specifically for the hospitality industry. These classers are designed for educating others on stress reduction techniques, mindfulness and mental health awareness.

Created by London based chef, Merly Kammerling in 2018, Merly has worked for restaurants such as Temper, Caravan and The Modern Pantry – in former years she has worked front of house as a Maître d’, waitress and bartender.

Despite loving the industry for fuelling her passion of food and dining, the fast pace, the opportunity to learning in abundance, camaraderie and buzz of the food and drink scene, Merly realised that the hospitality lifestyle was very taxing her wellbeing as well as others in the industry. The early shift starts, the late night finishes, lack of sleep, poor diet and little time to oneself makes – on top of a stressful work environment and it’s responsibilities (not to mention personal demands, responsibilities and issues outside of work) can make it very difficult to maintain a good level of self care on both a mental and physical level.  

Five years ago, Merly began to practice mindfulness and meditation to help her with her own wellbeing as she felt herself becoming burnt out and destructive, which led to further issues. Stress reduction techniques, mindfulness and small changes in her attitude towards self-care made a huge difference to her overall wellbeing and satisfaction of work-life balance. 

Now a qualified stress reduction, mindfulness instructor as well as training therapist and coach, Merly has combined this knowledge with her experience of the hospitality industry to create classes to help others to understand why stress happens in the mind and body, what tools can help to reduce stress, how mindfulness can be so powerful as a self care tool and what are the basic signs and symptoms of mental health issues. Her passion and ambition is driven by the hope to educate individuals, thus empowering them by providing better understanding of how they can help themselves as well as others.